View Works Here. Larry Zdeb has made art for many years, but his creative work took a back seat to his full-time employment. Lately, he has had a lot more time to devote to his art.

Laid off almost two years ago after 40 years with the same company, he is now supplementing his unemployment income by selling his art work. Larry’s sculptural and painted pieces have been accepted into many local and regional competitions and he exhibits his work in galleries in Birmingham, Royal Oak and Northville.

He has also learned a lot about how to market his art. “For an artist like me it is important to create and promote your art to augment income. Artists must take a chance, get courageous, approach galleries and enter shows. Even though the economy is slow, being in so many galleries translates into sales.”

Larry has given many talks about promoting the artist’s work. “I was invited by the Troy Arts Council last year to speak to artists about promoting their work. I spoke about my experiences with artist friends, local and national galleries, networking, and online art galleries, as well as getting publicity for your work.”

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  1. David says:

    This work is beautiful thanks for this great post!

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