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Complex Movements is a Detroit multi media artist collective embracing hip hop, video, art installations, community activism and fine arts informed with a maker spirit. The collective of hip hop emcee and activist Invincible, hip hop producer/DJ and filmmaker Waajeed, graphic designer/fine artist/Cranbrook graduate Wesley Taylor and multi media artist/technologist Carlos “L05″ Garcia are based out of a studio in a former toy warehouse on Detroit’s east side.

Complex Movements started simply but quickly moved into large and ambitious multi media installations. One of their first pieces was an ornate electronic music box with music from Invincible and Waajeed for ArtServe Michigan’s CSA (Community Supported Art) in early 2012. Later that year their ambitious multi-media installation “Three Phases” won the juried award for a time/performance based work at the 2012 ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.

This year they truly created an environment of their own with the “Beware of The Dandelions” installation at the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History in July. Essentially a geodesic dome immersing the viewer in interactive video and hip hop performance the installation explored the relationship between art, music, science and social justice movements.

The installation will be traveling to other cities next year. Social justice is a key part of Complex Movements and Invincible’s music. It only made sense for Complex Movements to celebrate the great historic neighborhood of Detroit’s Capitol Park while shedding some light on the massive dislocations being brought on by the rapid gentrification of downtown Detroit. The Complex Movements/Emergence Media “Dancing In the Park” event was equal parts dance party, art installation and community empowerment event. Just like pretty much everything Complex Movements does.


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